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Our Favorite (easy!) Recycled Holiday Decor

Looking for a last minute way to add some Holiday cheer to your table?  Here is a tutorial on how to create one of our most favorite and SIMPLE crafts out of recycled magazines: Magazine Christmas Trees!  Easy peasy.

Grab a stack of magazines, pour the hot chocolate, and get to work.  Here is what you need:

1.  Magazines.  The more colorful the pages are, the better

2.  Buttons, ribbon, or whatever embellishments you want to add.  Hot glue for these items.


Step-by-Step Instructions:

1.  Begin by folding the top corner of the first page down towards the spine, forming a triangle.  Crease.

2.  Fold the outer edge of the page towards the spine.  Crease.

3.  Fold the bottom triangle up so that it is even with the bottom of the magazine.  Crease.

4.  Move on to the next page and repeat until each page is folded like this.

5.  When finished, you can glue the first and last pages together if you want just to keep it “open.”  Or leave it unglued so you can fold it up and reuse your tree next year!

6.  Embellish with ribbons, buttons, glitter…whatever you like!

7.  Voila!  Enjoy!


Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Recycled Magazine Christmas Tree!





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How Are You Celebrating Earth Day?

This Earth Day marks the 2-year anniversary of the BP Oil Spill.  Mint Events is participating in Earth Week by hosting a screening of the film “The Big Fix” to raise awareness of the crimes of Big Oil, and the repercussions of the 2010 Deep Horizon Oil Rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico.

Come join us on Wednesday, April 25th at Fresh Cafe to watch the film!  There will be free pupus, a no-host bar, prizes and giveaways, and lots of great conversation!  Doors open at 6:00, and the film starts at 7:00.  Tickets $10 at the door, or $8 presale online at TicketLeap (+ applicable service fees).

Click here for event flyer

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Tackle a Sustainable Super Bowl Party

Make this year’s party a game-changer with these eco-friendly tips:



1.  Create paperless party invitations.  Some of our favorites are Evite, Pingg, and Facebook Events.

2.  Serve food and drinks using your own dinnerware and glasses (classy!) or use sustainable paper ware.  Be on the look out for products that  are compostable, biodegradable, or have recycled content.  Some of our favorites are Styrophobia and Bare by Solo.

3.  Support Local businesses.  Try cooking all your party food rather than getting take-out. Buy local produce and vegetables for your homemade salsa, cheese and veggie trays, organic meats, and even local beer.  Or consider organic treats from your local farmer’s market.

4.  Recycle!  Create different bins for recyclable items (like plastic, glass and aluminum) and trash so your guests can make easy choices. You can even use bio-degradable trash bags to be more eco-friendly.  If you compost, your empty cardboard pizza boxes can be thrown onto the pile, but make sure to cut or rip them into smaller pieces first.


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A Sustainable Solution for Your Leftover Holiday Booze Bottles?

The Holidays have come and gone, and many parties later…we have an embarrassing amount of empty wine and spirits bottles to contend with.  Rather than toss them in the garbage, there are some great (and fun!) reasons to reuse and/or recycle your leftover booze bottles this year.

Why You Should Reuse or Recycle Your Glass Bottles:

  • They would otherwise end up in the landfill.  It takes a glass bottle about 1 million years to break down in a landfill. (via Bergen County Utilities – Recycling Facts)
  • The amount of energy and resources used to create glass bottles from recycled materials is less than the amount needed to create bottles from virgin materials. Less energy means less pollution!


Are you living in Hawaii and interested in recycling your glass bottles?  Check Here to see if your local recycling center will accept brown, clear, and green glass bottles (non HI-5).  Most curbside services, Reynolds Recycling centers, and Island Recycling centers do accept them.  Although they aren’t eligible for the 5 cent refund, it’s worth it to know you’re doing the right thing, no?

Also, if you’re one of those people who collects wine corks (like me) with the intention of doing…something with them, but never gets around to it… Yemm & Hart on the mainland will recycle those for you too!  You can mail your corks to them (prepaid by the company) and they turn your wine corks in to cork tiles.  These have been used as interior finishes in Whole Foods, and other commercial buildings.  Pretty awesome!


Looking for something a bit more creative to do with your wine bottles?  Here are a few of our favorite wine bottle hacking projects from around the interwebs:

via Design Sponge

1.  Wine Bottle Tiki Torches!  click here for a tutorial

via Instructables

2.  Wine Bottle Planter.  click here for a tutorial
3.  Wine Bottle Light.  (A few of these would be great to make for next Holiday season!)  click here for tutorial
4.  Glass bottles as hurricane lamp.  Using a glass cutter, simply cut the bottom off of different sized bottles, and place them over pillar candles to light the way.  These would work great to block the Hawaii wind.
5.  Wine bottles as boot supporters.  Preserve the shape of your boots by using wine bottles as structural reinforcement!  Via Real Simple


Have a good time emptying those bottles, but remember to do something fun with them instead of tossing them in the landfill!



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Mint’s Top 3 Ways to Green Your 2012

Commit to your most sustainable year yet!  Here are our picks for three easy ways to green your 2012:

  1. Carry reusable shopping bags.  Stash one in your glove box, under your seat, or in your purse or laptop bag.  Saving a plastic bag or two a day adds up quickly!
  2. Commit to drive your car less.  Carpool.  Walk to happy hour.  Bike to the farmer’s market.  Even one day a week makes a difference.  We promise you’ll have more fun!
  3. Buy Local.  Why order something online and ship it thousands of miles across the ocean, when local stores carry/stock most everything you need? 


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